70 años formando Mujeres que trascienden.

Our English and French programs give the students the opportunity to explore a number of activities.

Welcome to the Department of Languages at Instituto de la Vera-Cruz which is committed to providing an educational experience that allows students to understand the world’s peoples and their diversity. This includes contributing to the formation of global citizens able to participate in local, national, and international communities and environments under the mentorship of a dedicated faculty.

Our English and French programs give the students the opportunity to explore a number of activities. Through active discourse, students develop an appreciation of how the texts they study connect to other texts, their lives, and the world around them. The department nurtures an appreciation of language and cultivates communication skills by further developing students abilities to clearly and persuasively express their ideas, both orally and in writing: a) develop skills in five areas of language study: speaking, listening, reading, writing, culture; b) develop cognitive skills in critical thinking, analysis; and c) learn about the nature of global engagement, diversity, sustainability, and critically reflect upon the differences in the ways they manifest themselves and abroad.

Language Department:

  • Fosters an appreciation of craft in a variety of genres
  • Helps develop critical reading strategies that allow students to interpret, evaluate and appreciate challenging texts
  • Inspires students, through their writing, to assimilate their critical reading experiences with the world around them
  • Study texts from a wide range of places and time periods
  • Encourages students to be articulate speakers who use language and register what is appropriate for different audiences and purposes
There are programs available for students in Jr. High and High school of all levels of language ability, including Language and Culture programs for beginner or intermediate speakers, to full immersion programs for students with advanced language skills along with the culture of the country they choose.

70 años formando Mujeres que trascienden.