We are committed to providing an educational experience contributing to the formation of global citizens able to participate in local, and international communities, under the mentorship of a dedicated faculty.

More about our bilingual project

Graduate Profile

We want to form individuals with critical capacity, ethical awareness, and tolerance towards others, through the teaching/learning of different languages and cultures.

Our English and French programs give the students the opportunity to explore and develop an appreciation of how the texts they study have a connection to their lives and the world around them.

We want our students to learn about the nature of global engagement, diversity, sustainability, and be able to reflect critically upon the differences in the way they manifest themselves in their own country and abroad.

We believe that the acquisition of a second /foreign language is a valuable tool to facilitate their insertion in their work, cultural, academic, social, and economic life; developing capacities that respond to the diverse contexts.

The language skills of our students allow them to participate in exchange programs abroad, during the summer, one semester, or one academic year, thus opening the doors to the internationalization of our school.